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We can offer you a number of services to complete your transport needs.
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We have been developed into a leading chartering company offering an independent, professional and highly reliable chartering service in East Mediterranean. The company is capable of handling dry cargo chartering requirement on general cargo vessel types up to 6000 tons deadweight in the following dry cargo sectors:
  • Fertilizers
  • Timber
  • Palletized Cargoes
  • IMO Cargoes
  • Gypsum Boards
  • Project Cargoes
  • Scrap
  • Steel products
  • Construction Material
  • Grains
  • Agricultural Products
  • Citrus Fruit
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Main Ports, 2018: Chartering Service in East Mediterranean
We have extensive experience performing pre-purchase surveys for all kind of Bulk – RoRo- Pallet Carriers. We offer pre-purchase surveys as part of our due diligence capability. The following is a list of the options/capabilities for pre-purchase work, we can:
  • Provide a view on the vessel’s design and assess the competitiveness of the assets compared to current fleet of similar vessels in the Industry
  • Review the planned maintenance system (PMS) including defect reporting
  • Inspect monthly operating expenditure (OPEX) data, maintenance records, dry-docking records and spare parts ordering
  • Identify the major items of upcoming capital expenditure (CAPEX), including dry dockings, special surveys and any modifications to the ships that may be required as a result of impending regulatory changes
  • Assess the reasonableness of maintenance related OPEX and CAPEX
  • Identify the cause and nature of unexpected maintenance work which, according to management, significantly affected profitability; and assess the effectiveness of corrective actions taken by management
  • Identify any technical and operational risks and suggest mitigation
  • Assess how assets have been maintained, to what extent breakdown maintenance occurs regularly, hull condition, condition of the assets, likely availability going forward
  • Assess the quality of the company’s fleet management, which includes office audit of the target group’s operating procedures, maintenance policies and procedures, safety management system, internal and external audits, records of emergency response drills, and other key performance indicators.
  • Assess the lease agreement and charter contracts from the technical perspective such as warranties pertaining to the condition of the vessels, liability for defects and repairs at end of charter terms etc.
  • Review and evaluation of the insurances details of vessels
  • Pre-purchase / condition survey of vessels. Condition survey of vessels and equipment is a statement of fact report and represents the status of an asset at a particular time. The survey will typically determine the working or operational condition of equipment and management systems, including its certification status. Instructions are normally requested by vessel or barge owners, charterers and insurance interests, including P&I Clubs
Having repaired and modified various general cargo carriers, we offer the following options for vessel maintenance:
  • Main Engine and Aux engines repairs
  • Dry dock survey and consulting
  • Ship security plan
  • Modifications and ship replacement
Limassol, June 2015: Dry dock survey of M/V Bekaa Dream.
We can assist you in the following vessel operations:
  • Guidelines for the planning, design and execution of complex and unusual marine operations
  • Cargo handling guidance or training
  • Heavy lift vessel operations, project or specialist cargo transports
  • Operation and guidance for vessel crews and owners / managers
We have extensive experience in producing management tools for the office and vessel that can help drive profitability and manage your costs.
  • Dry dock planning
  • Crew manning
  • Vessel budgeting and management including yard selection, ISM, bunker or fuel management and use
  • Contractor selection; including method review, scope of work development for tendering or operations purposes and, technical review and evaluation of tenders
  • Business analysis tools easy to understand
  • Database solutions to record, review and analyse business performance including  Shipments, Fuel Inventory, Vessel Orders/Purchases, Bank Transactions, Statement of Accounts, Financial Statements, Profit per Voyage
  • Cargo Claims
  • P&I club selection
Budgeting analysis excel based solutions
Piraeus 2018: Budget Analysis and Excel- and Access-based solutions
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We are able to assist ship owners and operators in the production of guidance documents, technical specifications, and manuals, and write policies and procedures. The following is a list of the technical documentation we can produce for you:
  • Functional specifications and manuals for marine operations
  • Cargo securing manual
  • Preparation and implementation of ISM/ISO (International Safety Management Code/International Organisation for Standardisation), including but not limited to Ballast Water Management Plan, Energy Efficiency Management Plan and Waste Management Plans
  • Emergency response manuals, for example SOPEP (Ship Oil Pollution Emergency Plan) and SMPEP (Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan)
source: https://codie.com/wp/maritime/

image source: https://codie.com/wp/maritime/