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HSL S.C. was established in 1996 in the commercial heart of Piraeus through the merging together of Lesvos Maritime S.C. and Theometor S.C., two of the leading shipping companies trading between Greece and East Mediterranean during the 70s. In its long history over the years the company has owned and operated more than 20 general cargo vessels up to 1,000 register tonnage in East Mediterranean seven of which were operated simultaneously during the 90s. Therefore, its experience is unique in the full essence of how to run shortsea general cargo vessels. It is able to offer a range of ship management and marine transportation services, including crew manning and operational services. Hellenic Sea Lines currently operates a modern fleet of general cargo vessels with Greek Flag and classed with major IACS Classification Societies. It is a well-established player in the field and has the capacity, experience and aspirations to further expand depending on market conditions.


HSL seeks to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective sea transportation services and continue to be a leading provider of shipping management services.

  • Provide reliable, flexible and high-quality solutions
  • Build long-lasting and trustful relationships
  • Promote talent, hard work and continuous development
  • Provide a safe working environment
environment & Regulators
  • Commitment in protecting the environment and safety of life at sea
  • Ensure compliance with international standards and regulations
business partners
  • Build fair, long-lasting and trustful relationships
OUR strengths
We are a 5th generation of shipowners and hence shipping is our family tradition.

The last 200 years several skills and ownership knowledge have been developed and passed on from father to son in Gogis family, deriving from the island of Lesvos, Greece.

Our strength is that the family tradition and valuable shipping knowledge have been reserved.

Cp. Ioannis Gogis carries an average of 45 years of experience in the shipping industry and has learned how to handle even the most challenging situations. He is working with his posterity – Michail, Efthimios and Anastasia Gogi –who are all highly qualified both academically and professionally for over 15 years (scroll down for more information).

Our aim is to add to this shipping tradition, to pursue new business opportunities and pass it on to next generations.
It’s difficult to find the same level of trust, teamwork, holistic skills and experience that you receive at Hellenic Sea Lines SC from other companies in the shipping industry. We’re on call 24/7 to make sure that when a problem arises, there’s someone available to solve it.
michail gogis
Vessel Manager
  • MSc International Transport University of Cardiff
  • MSc Marine Engineering University of Newcastle upon Tyne
  • BEng Marine Engineering University of Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Greek Engineer Class C Certificate
  • Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
  • Member of Marine Engineering Science & Technology
  • Member of the SNAME
  • Member of the Greek Chamber of Naval Architectures and Marine Engineers
+30 210 4113317
12410545_10153678530125617_3461865422432380126_n (2)
Legal and Corporate Affair Coordinator
  • MSc Maritime Law University of Cardiff, UK
  • BSc Law University of Athens, Greece
  • Member of the  Chamber of Greek Lawyers
+30 210 4113317
Business Operations Manager
  • PhD Operational Research Loughborough University, UK
  • MSc Operational Research University of Southampton, UK
  • BSc Industrial Management University of Piraeus, Greece
  • Member of the Economic Chamber of Greece
  • Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
+30 210 4113317